Friday, 30 November 2012

ECG of the Week - 3rd December 2012

Back to our patient from last week. 
What happened next ?

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  1. Rate: sinus of 30 bpm, bigeminal PVCs
    Regularity: regular irregularities (PVCs)
    P-waves: mitrale sinus P-waves associated 1:1, retrograde P-waves associated 1:1 with PVCs
    PRi: normal
    QRSd: baseline RBBB w/ RV PVC's (RVOT?)

    QTc: normal
    Axis: baseline LAFB w/ inferior axis PVCs

    Rhythm: sinus rhythm with bigeminal PVCs that capture the atria retrogradely (best visible in V1/V2) resetting the SA node