Friday, 23 November 2012

ECG of the Week - 26th November 2012

Another two parter again this fortnight.
This ECG is from an 81 year old male.

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  1. Rate: 60 bpm
    Regularity: regular w/o ectopy
    P-waves: sinus, mitrale P-waves in II
    PRi: 180 ms, associated 1:1
    QRSd: 140-160 ms, V1+, RBBB

    Rhythm: sinus bradycardia with RBBB

    Axis: left axis deviation, LAFB (bifasicular)
    Q-waves: no pathological Q-waves
    ST/T-waves: Unremarkable

    Dx: sinus bradycardia, RBBB, bifasicular block.

  2. as above.
    Tall R wave in avR.
    Would like to consider TCA overdose!

    less importantly i suppose.... between 2nd and 3rd beat, "concordant" ectopic?
    q waves in I, avL.