Friday, 9 November 2012

ECG of the Week - 12th November 2012

Another ECG from our patient from last week. 

Following last week's ECG
Patient was sedated & underwent DC cardioversion
Post cardioversion ECG is below

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  1. Well that's not much of a change for the better!

    Rate: ~65 bpm
    Regularity: Regular
    P-waves: F-waves in V1 (atrial fib?), ventricular pacing evident in V2-V5)
    PRi: none
    QRSd: wide-wide, V1-negative
    QTc: normal
    Axis: +aVR, right superior, consistent with RV-paced rhythm

    - Inappropriately concordant ST-E II, III, aVF, V5, V6. Excessively discordant ST-E V4. ST-depression aVL.
    (Consider the placement of pads affecting the location of V4-V6)

    Diagnosis: ventricular paced rhythm with acute inferiolateral myocardial infarction.