Wednesday, 27 March 2013

ECG of the Week - 25th March 2013 - Interpretation

This ECG is from a 40 yr old male who presented following a large overdose of an anti-spasmodic agent.

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  • 66
  • Sinus Arrhythmia
  • Inferior (+90 deg)
  • PR - Normal (~120ms)
  • QRS - Normal (~80ms)
  • QT - 560-600ms (QTc Bazette ~ 610-630 ms)
    • Note absolute QT interval greater than 1/2 of R-R interval
  • Up-stroked ST segment I, V2-4
  • T Wave Inversion aVL, aVR
  • Marked QT Prolongation
    • Secondary to toxic ingestion
    • Using QT-RR Nomogram as described by Chan et al. this patient is 'at risk' of developing Torsades de Pointes
Check out the links below for more examples of toxicological QT prolongation from Life in the Fast Lane, and a link to the Chan et al. article describing a QT nomogram for TdP risk stratification in drug-induced QT prolongation.

References / Further Reading

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The Blunt Dissection Blog

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