Friday 22 March 2013

ECG of the Week - 25th March 2013

This ECG is from a 40 yr old male who presented following a large overdose of an anti-spasmodic agent.

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  1. I'm not overly familiar with the different drugs/classes that could be involved, but I can sure recognize their effects here!

    Definitely a prolonged QT. I'd be keeping an eye open for long-short cycles and T-wave alternans as predictors of imminent lethal arrhythmias, although they certainly aren't required to precede Torsades.

    I'm starting to wonder just how many OD-related cardiac arrests, once attributed to respiratory depression/arrest, were actually triggered by lethal arrhythmias 2/2 QT-prolongation. On facebook a few months ago someone shared a nice case of a patient who arrested following narcotic OD, and his post-arrest ECG actually showed a similar markedly prolonged QT. I'm sure everyone blamed hypoventilation for his arrest, but maybe that wasn't the real issue... Unfortunately I lost the link and any chance of getting more info since anything folks post there is buried forever within a week.

  2. I was following up on some blog/facebook comments that I've left over the past few months and happened across the case I mentioned above.

    Here's the links: