Monday, 6 February 2012

ECG of the Week Project

Welcome to the JHC ECG of the Week forum.

This blog is intended to provide a forum for discussion and review of ECGs sourced from the ED.

For those of you working at JHC ED the ECG of the Week now forms part of the EM registrar teaching program. The ECG of the Week will be posted on the blog on a friday, allowing time to review the ECG prior to discussion on the following wednesday. In addition a interpretation post will accompany every ECG prepared with Dr C Burrows, FACEM, and will be posted by wednesday evening.

We would encourage people to continue to comment on the ECGs especially those people who are unable to attend registrar teaching. If you don't work at JHC or are not an EM registrar we would like to encourage you to participate and welcome your comments.

Below is a guide to posting comments on the blog, I’ll be learning about how this blogging thing works as we go along so please bear with me if we have any technical glitches.

To post a comment click on the Post a comment link. This will open up a new window either scroll down or click Jump to comments form link. Enter your comment in the box then click publish your comment box. You will be allowed to post comments anonymously by the blog, however I would prefer if you used either a Google Account or use the Name/URL button and just enter your name. Once everyone has got the hang of posting comments all subsequent anonymously posted comments will be deleted.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions please get in touch with me.


Dr John Larkin

Advanced Trainee Emergency Medicine