Friday, 8 February 2019

ECG of the Week - 11th February 2019

The following ECG is from a 70 year old female who was referred by her GP following an episode of chest pain.

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Things to think about

  • What are the key ECG features ?
  • What are the differentials for these features ?


  1. Hi, i am learning to read ekg, i give a try.

    regular rythm, sinusal
    heart rate: more or less 90
    p wave normal, qrs 0.08 lenght and morfology normal
    pr interval: 0.16 normal, no preexcitacion sindrome.
    St depresion 1 mv in I, avl, v5, v6
    good qrs progression in precordial leads.

    diagnosis: angina unstable vrs depressed st elevation miocardial infarction ?

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