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ECG of the Week - 5th September 2016 - Interpretation

The following ECG is from a 60 yr old female who presented complaining of central chest pain. Background of hypertension and a prior smoking history.

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  • 84 bpm
  • Regular 
  • Sinus rhythm 
  • Normal
  • PR - Normal (~160ms)
  • QRS - Normal (90ms)
  • QT - 400ms (QTc Bazette 435 ms)
  • ST elevation leads aVL (<1mm) I (2nd & 3rd complexes <1mm)
  • ST depression leads II, III, aVF
  • Up-sloping ST segment V6
  • T wave inversion leads III, aVR, V1

  • High lateral changes suspicious for ACS

What happened ?

Following discussion with the cardiology team the patient was transferred for primary angioplasty given on-going chest pain and progressive ECG features.

Coronary angiogram showed:
  • LM - Normal
  • Cx - Dominant with irregularities
  • LAD & RCA - irregularities
  • LV gram - Apical Hypokinesis
Subsequent echo showed:
  • Normal LV size and thickness.
  • Hypokinesis of mid to apical anterolateral, anterior and inferior lateral regions with normal systolic function.
Given echo and angiogram findings the patient was diagnosed with Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. She was commenced on beta-blocker therapy and discharge with out-patient follow-up.

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