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ECG of the Week - 24th August 2015 - Interpretation

This ECG is from a 70 year old patient who presented to the Emergency Department complaining of progressive cough and intermittent fever. She has an extensive medical history but is unable to provide you with specific details other than she sees a cardiologist.
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  • 66 bpm
  • Regular
  • Sinus rhythm
  • Normal
  • PR - Normal (~180ms)
  • QRS - Normal (80-100ms)
  • QT - 480ms

  • ST depression leads I, V2-6
  • Subtle ST elevation lead V1


  • High precordial R wave voltages
  • Deep T wave inversion leads V2-3
  • Global T wave inversion - all leads except aVR

  • Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
    • Deep T wave inversion, high R wave voltages, QT prolongation
What happened ?

This patient had known hypertrophic apical cardiomyopathy with diastolic dysfunction but preserved systolic function.

There is a nice review of the ECG features that can be seen in apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy here:

References / Further Reading

Life in the Fast Lane

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