Friday, 6 March 2015

ECG of the Week - 9th March 2015

This ECG is from a 70 yr old female who was referred into the Emergency Department with a 1 week history of abdominal pain and altered bowel habit. An out-patient CT scan showed diverticulitis complicated by local perforation. 
She hah a past medical history of IHD (CABG and stents), hypertension and type 2 diabetes. During her initial assessment she complained of chest pain which lasted approximately 5 minutes and resolved spontaneously. 
The first of the ECG's below was taken during the episode of chest pain with the second performed ~ 5 minutes later once the patient was pain free.

Patient complained of chest pain
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Patient now pain free
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Things to think about

  • What are the key features on each of the ECGs ?
  • What additional information would you want from the patient ?
  • How does this affect your management of this case ?

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