Friday, 16 May 2014

ECG of the Week - 19th May 2014

This ECG is from a 40 yr old female with sepsis. The patient was intubated and requiring vasopressor support.  Prior to this illness the patient was fit and well.
Thanks to Dr Nat for sharing this ECG.

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VAQ Corner

A 40 yr old female presents to your Emergency Department with severe sepsis. The patient has been intubated and is on a noradrenaline infusion.  Prior to this illness the patient was fit and well.

Vitals signs:
  • T 39.8 
  • BP 104/65 [on noradrenaline] 
  • Sats 98% [FiO2 1.0 Tv 500ml RR 12 PEEP 5]
a) Describe and interpret the patient's ECG (50%)

You transfer the patient to ICU and during handover the patient deteriorates .

Vital signs:
  • BP 75/42 
  • Sats 88% 
  • [Noradrenaline and ventilator setting unchanged from previous]
b) Outline your approach to this situation (50%)

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