Friday, 3 January 2014

ECG of the Week - 6th January 2014

This week's case is from a 97yr old presenting with presyncope. I've included two ECG's as they were performed only 1 minute apart.
A little more information the patient presented with episodic dizziness and pre-syncope for several weeks. Only meds were an angiotensin receptor blocker and an anti-histamine. She was functionally living independently but using walking aids.

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ECG 1 Numbered Version
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ECG 2 Numbered Version
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VAQ Corner

A 97yr old female is brought to your Emergency Department complaining of presyncope.
Vital signs: BP100/65 RR 16 Temp 36.2C Sats 96% RA

a) Describe and interpret her ECG (50%)
[I'd expect only one ECG in the VAQ Exam]

b) Outline your disposition plan  (50%)

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