Friday, 18 October 2013

ECG of the Week - 21st October 2013

This week case includes three ECG's from the same patient.
They are from a 74 yr old patient who I assume had multiple medical co-morbidities.
The patient presented having had several episodes of chest pain in the preceding 24 hours.

This first ECG was taken on arrival to the Emergency Department with the patient pain free.

ECG 1 - Pain free on presentation

The patient then developed chest pain and the following ECG was recorded.

ECG 2- Taken during an episode of chest pain

The episode of pain lasted only several minutes and resolved spontaneously.
The ECG below was taken 8 minutes after the second ECG with the patient now pain free. 

ECG 3 - Patient pain free, taken 8 minutes following ECG 2
The interpretation and clinical outcome of this case can be found in our interpretation post here.

VAQ Corner

A 74 yr old patient presents to your Emergency Department complaing of several episodes of chest pain over the preceeding 24 hours. 
Past medical history of hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes, and ischaemia cardiac disease.
A series of ECG's are performed on this patient.

  • Briefly outline the key features in each ECG      (70%)
  • Outline your further management of this patient (30%)

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