Friday, 12 October 2012

ECG of the Week - 15th October 2012

This week's ECG is the first part of a two part story. 
This ECG is from a 33 year old male, don't know why he presented.

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  1. Sinus rhythm with ventricular preexcitation; Wolff-Parkinson-White (W-P-W) syndrome. Localization of the accessory pathway (AP) is probably in the left lateral (LL) or left anterolateral (LAL) free wall.

  2. Agree. looks like WPW, with short PR and delta wave. High R waves in precordial leads with T wave inversion also inferiorly wld suggest right ventricular hypertrophy, Raf

  3. Agree with everything said before.

    Rate: ~70 bpm
    Regularity: Regular
    P-waves: Sinus
    PRi: Short
    QRS: Widening of intrinsicoid deflection

    Rhythm: NSR

    - Short PR
    - Slurred intrinsicoid deflection consistent with a delta wave
    - Tall R-waves in V1
    - QTc seems short-normal
    - Pseudo Q-wave in aVL
    - Secondary repolarization abnormalities
    - Primary ST-elevation aVL/aVR
    - With ST-depression II/III/aVF/V4/V5

    DDx: NSR w/ WPW (left sided), with some potential for acute changes from LWMI worth obtaining serial ECGs to rule out.