Wednesday, 12 August 2015

ECG of the Week - 10th August 2015 - Interpretation

This ECG is from a 70 year old male who presented to the Emergency Department complaining of feeling light-headed and dizzy. Past medical history or hypertension, diabetes, chronic atrial fibrillation and chronic renal failure on dialysis. His medications included metoprolol but no digoxin.
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  • 36 bpm
  • Irregular
  • Nil consistent atrial activity
  • Possible atrial activity in ST segment of 2nd complex and after T wave of 3rd complex
  • LAD
  • QRS - Normal (100ms)
  • QT - 480ms (QTc Bazette 375 ms)

  • T waves leads V3-5 appear prominent and peaked


  • Slow atrial fibrillation
  • Broad differentials including:
    • Drug toxicity
    • Sinus node dysfunction
    • Hypothermia
    • Electrolyte abnormalities
    • Ischaemia

In this case the major concerns were hyperkalaemia and drug toxicity from beta-blocker.

What happened ?

The patient had taken an extra metoprolol dose earlier in the day ! Venous blood gas revealed a potassium of 7.0 mmol/L.
Further beta-blocker medication was withheld and hyperkalaemia was treated with calcium gluconate and insulin / dextrose therapy prior to planned dialysis later in the day. 
Following ED treatment of hyper-k the patients heart rate improved to ~50 bpm and he made an uneventful recovery.

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