Wednesday, 1 October 2014

ECG of the Week - 29th September 2014 - Interpretation

This week's ECG is from a 60 yr old male who presented with 3 days of vomiting & diarrhoea.
Past medical history of hypertension and mild chronic renal impairment.
Thanks to Dr Anand Senthi for sharing this ECG case.
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  • ~90 bpm

  • Regular
  • Sinus rhythm
    • P waves best seen in the inferior leads
    • P waves difficult to see in the precordial and high-lateral leads

  • Normal

  • PR - Prolonged (~240ms)
  • QRS - Prolonged (120ms)
  • QT - ms (QTc Bazette 380-400 ms)
  • Nil significant abnormality
  • Not typical LBBB or RBBB morphology given QRS widening
  • Peaked T waves leads V2-6

  • ECG Features suggestive of hyperkalaemia

What happened ?

The patient had an urgent VBG which showed a K+ of 8.0 mmol/L ! 
Therapy with calcium gluconate, nebulised salbutamol and insulin/dextrose was commenced. 

Following treatment the ECG was repeated as is shown below:

ECG Post Treatment of Hyperkalaemia
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This ECG shows resolution of PR prolongation, QRS widening and T wave peaking seen on the first ECG.

References / Further Reading

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